Whose Vote is It, Anyway?

Some religious right groups court
Hispanics to advance their own agendas

by Ines Pinto Alicea

To our readers:

Although we qualify for protection under the Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Code (and do so at great expense both to the magazine and her publisher), and while we jealously guard our dignity with the same vigilance that we do anything dear to us, we have nonetheless chosen to honor the imprimis terse demands of Ines Pinto Alicea by removing the article, “Whose Vote is It, Anyway?” from this file.

Although our records show this article having been visited numerous times since 1996, only twelve of those visits lasted long enough for the visitor to have actually read the article.

In one sense, this is no great loss to our library: very few will miss it. But in another sense, the claim that we are diverting from the author’s copy falls down on several fronts.

  1. First, the article did not see online presence elsewhere for the majority of the time it was included in our library.
  2. Secondly, we would hope that the article (any professionally published article) would enjoy a readership that would dwarf to insignificance our meagre readership of twelve people.
  3. Finally, and a point we always make when asking others to remove our (already posted) material: our copy of the article included up-to-date contact information.

Okay, it’s gone. If you would like to have read this thing, then we humbly suggest contacting the author and asking her if you may use (read) her work, etc.

Cliff Walker, Editor
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