by Erik Braum

Used with permission; all rights reserved.

Is there a “God”? a “Heaven”?
Really, I don’t know
Religions — much like fables —
Spawn many questions — so

Did mortals create “God”
And make Him look like man
Men who wrote “The Good Book”
Were they far fetched in their plan

They made “God” light skinned
The black man was left out
Then thought of as almost apes
Not “Heaven”-bound, no doubt

China unknown — still unexplored
“God” had no Asian look
He was “painted” basic white
No “yellow” in “The Book”

Why — if “God” created life —
Give only man a soul?
Why not also animals
To make “God’s Heaven” whole

Writers gave themselves a soul
Mankind “The Chosen One”
A boring “Heaven” conjured up
No cats — no dogs — no fun

Christ was called the “Son of God”
Did He rise up from the dead
So much mystery and intrigue
“You must have faith,” it’s said

The Spanish Inquisition
Took all of Europe in
Thinkers — who did not believe
Called “heathens” — “born in sin”

Religion gained such power
You’d better then believe
If not — “You’re of the Devil”
An inquest you’d receive

The saying — “Be God-fearing”
A “Dark Ages” state of mind
Tortured — you’d say “I believe”
On a rack the priests designed

The men who wrote “God’s Word”
They overlooked detail
Some parts of “The Good Book”
Sound logic could derail

If in fact all mankind
Began with Adam and Eve
Then — incest had to flourish
As their offspring mate — conceive

Where did “God” reside
Before creating “Heaven”
What place did He come from
Questions six and seven

What happened to the people
Before Christ came around
Who “saved” the uninformed
Where can their “souls” be found

Superstition fools a crowd
Non-thinkers will believe
Add magic-“Holy Water”
With incantations to deceive

Christianity isn’t very old
Two thousand years or so
Man’s been on Earth for eons
What Christ did caveman know

With millions of different species
Was there room on Noah’s Ark
Those who wrote the Bible
Left that question mark

Catholics believe one way
Baptists believe another
Muslims call Christians infidels
All condemn each other

Why is it that most wars
Have religion at their core
Battling over their beliefs
Peace gone forevermore

“God” at times seems heartless
Lets cruel things happen — rape
Why so often absent
When one’s praying to escape

No matter how much we pray
For a child with cancer — dying
Most prayers go unanswered
For all the tears — the crying

How can “God” let a tyrant
Like Hitler kill so many
Innocent Jewish children
The answer — is there any

Why let a plane go down
Killing all aboard
Why are hostage heads cut off
With a saw or with a sword

Religious fanatics always say
“Because it is God’s will”
If “God” wants them in “Heaven”
There are kinder ways to kill

There is so much unanswered
Just left unexplained
Are we not to question
Our minds unused — debrained

Our minds cannot conceive
Of a beginning or an end
The vastness of the Cosmos
Our thoughts can’t comprehend

There is some unknown power
That formed the Universe
But man can’t solve the riddle
It’s like an ancient curse

Will religions as we know them
One day disappear
Will history books then say
“Religions — born of fear”

If fanatic Muslims one day rule
The Bible will be burned
Christianity “buried”
A page in history earned

For now let’s do our best
To have a “Heaven” here on Earth
Be helpful — kind to others
My wish and life’s true worth

2007 by
Erik B. Nelson