Ingersoll's Greatest Lectures
Containing Speeches and Addresses
Never Before Printed Outside
of the Complete Works

Authorized Edition

The Freethought Press Association
New York, 1, N. Y.

I think that Ingersoll had all the attributes of a perfect man, and, in my opinion, no finer personality ever existed. Judging from the past, I cannot help thinking that the intention of the Supreme Intelligence that rules the world is to ultimately make such a type of man universal.

Thomas A. Edison

Like Shakespeare, it is doubtful whether there will ever live another man to possess Ingersoll's brilliancy of language. His expressions glitter like diamonds and pearls. But it will not be many years more before the heart of humanity will be indelibly impressed with the genius of The Great Agnostic.

Joseph Lewis

Ingersoll's Greatest Lectures
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