Excerpt from:

The Merchants of Death
by Minister Louis Farrakhan
from The Final Call -- July 23, 1996

Do you want to make the change? Yes, you say. But you ask, how do I do it? And the answer is just do it! One day a young sister who had a problem with smoking wrote to the honorable Elijah Muhammad and asked him, "Dear apostle, how can I stop smoking?" and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote her back and he said, "Dear sister, if you desire to stop smoking, stop. Best wishes for your continued success. I am, Your brother and servant, Elijah Muhammad." She brought the letter and she was quite upset that he only told her to "stop."

What was he saying to this sister that she didn't understand" He was saying to her, "You have the power to stop. Use your will and say I won't do it any more and then don't do it any more.