Nicolas Humphrey's
On the Wings of a Dove
James E. Archer

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Cliff responds:

I suppose we can read into Darwinism whatever we want -- be it socialism or capitalism or whatever suits the case we are trying to make. Christians do similar things with the Bible.

I printed Humphrey's article because I was impressed with how he juxtaposes material reality with the notion of the supernatural, going so far as to call physical reality the best of all possible worlds, and using scientific Darwinism, among other things, to make this case.

I cannot speak for Humphrey, but I believe he is trying to bring people of a different world view over to his; I doubt his primary audience is those who want to read what they already know. I know I learned several exciting new angles from each chapter of this very original book. This is somewhat rare among atheistic writings, and it is a joy to discover a new twist on atheism.

The Atheist Community Center, in my opinion, is neither competing with other atheists nor trying to seek common ground among various atheists. It is simply a place where atheists meet with one another to socialize and hold discussions, and is also vehicle whereby activists can work for social change -- particularly in the area of separationist issues. I'm sure other members of the Center have different ideas of CRT's purpose -- or, maybe, what CRT's function should be.


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