Every Month Over 12
Major Scientific Proofs
For The Bible Come Forth
Tim Facey

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I am a human, and I try to use logic as much as I can. I try not to attach labels to myself, as that practice tends to diminish my humanity, and thus, my sense of self-worth.

Mark Twain would probably consider the phrase "logical person" an oxymoron.

As for me, I'd wager that you are merely trying to stroke me with phony compliments.

I did that during an earlier phase of my life -- and I really, really wanted "God" to be real -- but the Bible came up wanting. I have to go with the truth: I have no choice. I think the Bible is phony and I cannot bring myself to say otherwise.

Really!? Since when?

This is the first time I've ever heard this claim! Usually, every time a scientific advancement is made, it is found to contradict the Bible. How come such a profound claim that "Every month over 12 major scientific proofs for the bible come forth into the open" has never graced my ears before? Where did such a claim come from?

Okay, which 12 major scientific proofs for the Bible came forth into the open during the month of, say, September, 1996? Tell me; I've got to see this! I don't even have a clear understanding of your claim: "12 major scientific proofs for the Bible"? What is this supposed to mean? Are you trying to pull a fast one on me?

Frankly, it would be giving you the benefit of the doubt to say that you made this up all by yourself. Instead, I will speculate that you heard this from some preacher on cable television. Those rats! I wish they would stop deceiving people like this!

Also, since Israel's claim to existence is based entirely upon the Genesis and Exodus stories being true, you can bet that any number of reports of "scientific proofs" for those stories will come from supporters of modern Israel's existence. But most of Israel's supporters are already Bible believers.

Again, I have investigated the Bible with an open mind and it has been found wanting. I cannot investigate your unusual claim that "Every month over 12 major scientific proofs for the bible come forth into the open" because you haven't provided any other information.

Also, life is something very real, as distinguished from the "soul." If this "soul" is separate from the body, when, in the course of the development of the human, is this "soul" placed into the individual? and how? (If there is no moment when the "soul" is placed into the body, then we can safely assume that ovum and spermatazoa have "souls" -- which means that for us not to have intercourse 24-seven is to commit murder.)

And by what means does the "soul" interact with the physical body? Some used to think it was what we now call the pituitary gland; but, that having been eliminated, there is no detectable means for any "soul" to interact with -- or "live in" -- the human organism.

Then we come to the question of why humans allegedly have a "soul" but other animals do not. But the other animals function just as efficiently as the humans do, and in many cases more efficiently.

I am not an atheist because it makes me happy. On the contrary, it's cold and lonely out here on this miniscule speck of dust called earth. It's also very lonely when the Christians and other theists write me off as evil because I refuse to believe their strange myths.

I am an atheist because that is what I see when I open my eyes and look at my environment. And because there is no "God" to fix my problems -- forgive my "sins," if you will -- then it is on me to solve my own problems and help my fellow humans and other creatures live in safety and peace. Therefore, it is wrong -- dead wrong -- for me to pretend that there is a "God" out there.

I certainly would not be happy thinking that everyone who disagrees with the Bible is endangering their soul and is going to be cast into some lake of fire "where their worm dieth not" and where "there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." That would be a miserable way to live. I would go insane if I thought that were true. I am glad that it is very easy to dispute this notion.

I once thought it would be an act of open-mindedness to go ahead and try to believe the Bible. Fortunately, the Bible refutes itself and I was able to see that before I had wasted very much time on the subject.

That's not what the Bible tells us: The God of the Bible would readily slay thousands of people because one man pissed against a wall (Isaiah 36). It would be just like going to the drug store (as Charles Manson so picturesquely described what it feels like to murder someone). You want me to believe the Bible and it is clear now that you haven't even read it yourself. I have read it: The Old Testament at least twelve times all the way through; the New Testament at least fifty times all the way through. I am glad, glad, glad that I know what it says because this knowledge protects me from hucksters like yourself.

The god of the Old Testament is an Oriental despot, only bigger and invisible. The god of the New Testament, Jesus, is worse than the god of the Old Testament, because he invented Hell. How much sadness and grief has this yarn caused little children when Grandma or Grandpa died, knowing that Grandma or Grandpa didn't agree with Jesus.

It is impossible for an organism with imprecise senses and imprecise thought processes to know any "ultimate reality"; that exists only in the imaginations of people and all we can do is try to describe it using imprecise language systems.

To keep from falling prey to an "evil path that holds so many," I have done my homework: I have studied the major works -- including the Bible -- which allege to know about the untestable, the afterlife. These books each make claims about testable and verifiable things; they all come up wanting in making claims about things which are provable. Why should I then trust their claims about things which are not provable?

No problem. I was once where you are now, and it is a miserable life to lead. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy; but it is wrong to try to take it away from you, since this is the path you choose to walk. If you like believing this way, fine. Just leave the rest of us alone, please.

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