Surely, You're Not Afraid
To Post A Note
From A Christian??!

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No. Why would you assume a thing like that!? Truth is made more evident through a lively discussion than it is through censorship of ideas, however absurd those ideas might sound to some.


Yes. Even the so-called false false prophets and their false religions teach as truth what is obvious to almost any human who bothers to think.

Unfortunately, many religious people tell themselves that the word of "God" holds precedence over human wisdom and reason. When creeds and "divine" decrees are followed blindly, or are used to justify criminal behavior, society is infor some serious problems.

For example, some so-called prophets tell us that "God" told them that, in certain circumstances, it is okay to:

I don't think people would do this nearly as much were it not for the commands of their gods to exterminate those who refuse to join the religion in question (that is, their religious leaders telling them that the gods said this).

If this is true, that "God" put these values in the heart of every human, then there is no need for the special revelation of so-called Scripture, is there?

Quite the contrary. Often survival is the result of cooperation. To misrepresent the Theory of Evolution in this manner is very dishonest on your part -- as you already know, since "God" put the value of honesty in your heart. (Did your religious leaders tell you that your "God" wants you to lie in order to convince me that yours is a religion of truthfulness and my atheism is based upon falsehood?) Perhaps you may want to consider putting these values in your brain as well.

Do we? I am living on land that once "belonged" to Indians and animals. The food I ate yesterday was once the flesh of an animal. And the dog across the street sure gets riled when another tries to steal his bone! What are you saying, here?

Read the article Morality Without God by Chapman Cohen. He makes a solid case that humans, being social animals do best to suppress the tendency to destroy our fellows.

You lost me, here.

Atheist psychologist Albert Ellis revolutionized the field of psychology in the 1950s by pointing out that self-esteem, self-rating, is detrimental to one's self-interest. In its stead, Ellis and his followers advocate self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is the opposite of self-esteem or self-rating. As I said in my pamphlet "Rational Recovery Self-Help Meetings":

Thus, if my behavior leads to low self-esteem, it is probably because I do not quite grasp what it means to be human.

I am not out to offend anybody, but sometimes people take my ideas very personally. Such people may do well to learn self-acceptance.

There is no way I can look at all the facts; there is no way that my limited perceptions and limited reasoning skills can come to know any such thing as "the" truth. It doesn't bother me that some people lack the humility to admit that this applies to all humans.

I do know that no argument for the existence of "God" that I have considered holds water with me. Every argument I have considered was tried and found wanting -- seriously wanting. In the past fifteen years, I have not heard any new arguments in favor of the existence of "God." I have no reason -- compelling or otherwise -- to believe that "God" exists or that prayer is of any use or that any such place as "Hell" exists -- other than the towns of Hell, Norway and Hell, Michigan. So, I will continue to live my life as I have found it.

If you come up with anything new in regards to demonstrating to me that such character as "God" really exists, please don't hesitate to let me know. If there is a "God" out there, I want to know about it.

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