Letter To Our President
from Cliff Walker

From: Cliff Walker
To: president@whitehouse.gov
Subject: Prayer mandatory in America in 1997
Date: Monday, May 05, 1997 8:51 AM

Bill Clinton Writes:

All of us? Even most of us?

No, Mr. Clinton; many, many of us don't pray because there is no one to pray to. We are on our own and the only way to accomplish what we need to do is to do it ourselves -- either alone, or in a spirit of cooperation with others. However, several government employees have wanted to force me to pray anyway:

Bill Clinton Writes:

Mr. President, I have studied the religious beliefs of our presidents. General Washington was not a Christian, he was a Skeptic and a Mason. As such, the stained glass window is just that: a stained glass window. I question whether it is an accurate depiction of history.

The account of General Washington's final moments by his personal secretary shows not a man who thought he was about to be gathered up into the heavenly realm to be in the bosom of his "Lord," but a man who was very concerned that he not be laid to rest until three days after he was pronounced dead. Mr. Clinton, General Washington was concerned that the best of doctors can and do make mistakes (nothing is infallible, Mr. President, even prayer), and he did not want to be buried while still alive and only appearing to have died.

Mr. President, many Americans throughout history have refused to believe and act on what we see as a fairy tale and a sick joke: namely, the Christian religion. Time and time again, acting on what we see when we open our eyes and look at our environment, atheists have been persecuted; atheists have been maimed; atheists have been denied opportunity; atheists have been fired (like I was from "WordPerfect Magazine" in Orem, Utah, only one year ago); atheists have been written off; atheists have been made the object of sympathy; atheists have been jailed (as I have for my unbelief); and atheists have been held after school (as I was for my unbelief in the fourth grade).

Mr. Clinton, please do what you can to restore religion where it belongs: the privacy of your own heart. For the government to think it can administer or promote religion is a slap in the face even to those devout among us.

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