Atheism In India


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I have digitized much of Gora's major works, but do not have any back-issues of The Atheist.

This work is particularly rough because; (1) the paper is poor and ink seeps through from the back making it difficult if not impossible to scan; (2) the books were set in lead type (from typewritten manuscripts) by people who probably speak very little english; (3) some of the grammar must be altered if the average (non-English major) reader is to make sense of it.

I would be glad to try to get the rest of the major works digitized for you, but please do not expect Lavanam and his people to do it, as they are busy doing much more important things and probably have neither the equipment nor the manpower. Lavanam has given me permission to post what he sent me (about 20 books and souvenirs) and I am sure he would cooperate with a move to either publish a "Works of Gora" book or CD ROM. I would opt for the book, as it would be useful to more people around the world than would a CD ROM.

Cliff Walker

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