The Bible Was
Never Written As
A 'Scientific Book.'
Effie Ash

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Nobody, particularly no atheist, claims that the Bible is a scientific book. The Bible contains so many verifiable errors that only the most fanatically closed-minded individuals (such as the Flat Earth Society) would make such a claim.

However, and this is the important point we make here, the Bible does allege to tell us about things that are not subject to testing -- so-called spiritual matters, matters of "faith."

The main question is this: How can we tell if the Bible is telling the truth on "spiritual" matters if we cannot test these claims?

The answer is simple: How does the Bible fare when discussing testable subjects such as the shape of the earth? If the Bible fails in testable matters, it cannot be trusted when discussing untestable matters.

Since the Bible fails so miserably in matters that can be tested and observed and either verified or refuted, we need not go any further with the Bible .

We are at the proverbial "Square One" in our attempt to discover truth.

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