Your Criticism Of
Alcoholics Anonymous
Is 'Similar To Nazism'

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From: Recovery Watch <>
To: Recovery Watch List <>
Subject: AA Accountability
Date: Sunday, July 18, 1999 10:18 AM

Alcoholics Anonymous, the organization, cannot hide behind the shield you have built for it.

We judge AA by its conference-approved literature and by the actions and words of its members. This is only right, because we cannot judge AA by what other people say about AA, only by what AA says and by what AA members say and do. What you seem to want is for AA to not be held accountable for the mess it and its members have created.

Thus far, AA has refused to take a stand on the practice of enforced AA attendance, though it has every right, within its traditions, to do just that. This compromise of AA's tradition that it is a voluntary program in no way constitutes an "outside issue" which AA has "no opinion" on. AA has every right -- rather, AA has a duty to speak out against this misuse of what AA calls its most basic tradition: that of AA being strictly voluntary

AA refuses to prevent its methods from being the main cirriculum of commercial treatment centers, though AA holds the rights to these methods. AA literature even recommends this practice.

Cliff Walker

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