The God Of Atheism
Rev. Gary Piper


Neither Rev. Gary Piper nor his e-mail address have any web presence that we could find; thus, we have not ruled out the possibility that the writer's claim to being an ordained minister is false.

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From: Positive Atheism <>
To: Rev. Gary Piper
Subject: Re: PA-via_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 2:44 AM

How dare you say that we have a god! We are atheists, and thus lack a god-belief. (We get this all the time from theists who apparently cannot make a convincing argument for their theistic beliefs.) Why do so many theists want to make us out as one of themselves? Is it that your arguments don't fly with us, so you force us into the fold simply by pronouncing us theists? Or could it be that you cannot stand to know that some people think for themselves and you want to bring us to your level of faith?

And how dare you say that our god is violence! Why do so many theists use a false premise to conclude that we atheists are so utterly wicked? Why don't you simply cough up a god and end the argument, rather than resort to falsehood in your attempts to make your case?

1. "Survival of the fittest" is not the opposite of "God created us."

Although survival of the fittest works in many species, the human species and its predecessors would never have survived if we had not developed a system of nurturing and cooperation. Humans spend a larger fraction of their lives completely helpless and entirely dependent on the parents than any other species. We have the largest ration of brain mass to body mass, and it takes years of careful, tedious work before a human is fit to survive on his or her own. Even then, only a few could make it if we were entirely independent.

Of course, anybody who has watched human families develop should know this, and would never accuse the human species of acting in a survival-of-the-fittest manner -- unless, of course, that person has a dishonest agenda.

To falsely accuse someone of believing that survival-of-the-fittest is a human trait (like you have done to us) is just as dishonest as someone who actually says that humans use survival-of-the-fittest (like you have falsely accused us of doing).

2. As for God and evil, isn't God supposed to be all-powerful (or so goes the hypothesis)? Isn't God supposed to be supremely good, supremely loving. Theists tell us these things time and time again, but such statements do not jive with our observations.

It seems to us that if he is both good and all-powerful, Belsen would never have happened. No good being would punish innocent babies for the sins of their parents, so the punishment angle does not fly. Since Belsen did happen, either God is not supremely good, or God is far from being all powerful -- or -- perhaps there is no such thing as God. Perhaps that is why Belsen was "allowed" to happen: nobody was "there" to prevent it from happening.

Your unnamed Rabbi probably knows this Argument of Evil (if this Rabbi actually exists, which we doubt; he is likely a mythical invention of Christian apologists); in which case, he was deceiving someone, if not himself. Besides, the Hebrew deity is one of the most violent, most bloodthirsty deities ever invented by man.

Adolph Hitler bastardized both Christianity and the theory of evolution, and exploited these lies to his own advantage. The masses, having been taught how to believe and not how to think, believed Hitler's lies. Only a minority had thinking skills, thus Hitler was lifted to power by the unthinking masses.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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