The Parable Of
The Generous Man
JohnPaul Slater


There once was a generous man who went to the inner city. The sight of overwhelming poverty pained him deeply.

"I must help these people," he thought. "But all the money I have on me can't be spread around to all these many people. I shall give every cent that I have to the first person who asks! That will at least help one person."

At this point a man approached and said, "I'm very poor, my family is desperate."

"Aha," thought the generous man, "here is the very one!"

As the generous man reached for his wallet the poor man pulled out a gun and stuck it in his face. "Gimme all your money or I'll blow your head off!"

The generous man gave him all the money.

Question: Since the generous man was in the act of giving him the money anyway, was this an act of charity?


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