What Color Is
A Triangle?

Dale McGiboney

From: Dale McGiboney
To: Positive Atheism
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999


You handled Mr Woodward very well. Bravo for your patience and sticking to the high ground. Thought-provoking responses, too.

I suspect Mr Woodward is trying to be intellectually honest, but hasn’t any idea what a false question is. When I am confronted like you were here (“Do you believe in God?” is the most common query), I often reply, “What color is a triangle?” and press for a simple, one-word answer. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t.

Later on,
Dale McGiboney


From: Positive Atheism
To: Dale McGiboney
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Thank you for your kind words. I occasionally get hear from someone who actually pours through this stuff I post. These words are always encouraging.

Criticism of earlier dialogues has pointed out that I tend to let my questions and challenges go unanswered and to allow the writers to change the subject. I have been very careful with this thread and with the Mike Boston thread in that I review what is posted thus far before I begin responding.

Woodward is a classic example of refuting his own position by his very actions. He takes us to town for not having a source for our morals, and then proceeds to behave as if he himself has no morals! What convinced me in his case was his refusal to explain to me why I should apologize to him. He has no explanation because he is getting his values by the seat of his pants just like he accuses you and I of doing. Mike Boston, on the other hand, is so far off the mark that I still am not convinced that he is even a Christian — that is, that he’s not an atheistic prankster, pulling my leg with the most ridiculous non-arguments that he can place into the feeble mind of a sincere but zealous and wholly unthinking Evangelical Christian. I have enough unposted Mike Boston material to justify splitting it up into several files and listing it under Discussions. The material in this one includes discussions of the Cassie Bernall “martyrdom” tale and biblical errancy. This guy is a master at changing the subject and dodging questions — yet he accuses me of “skirting the issue” because I cannot answer his question about “God” without first understanding what he means when he uses that word.

Meanwhile, I have received no new letters, and have only been appending to the three active conversations: Woodward, Boston, Rebecca Phaeton, and two new threads that I have yet to decide whether to post. One is from a liberal seminary student attempting to explain the cross (a hilarious sideshow to the Pastor Rob, Calvary Chapel discussion), and the other is from an agnostic who got rather vitriolic in denouncing my coining of the term atheophobia. This latter one contains some excellent points, but cutting to the chase was one hell of an embarrassing experience.

Finally, your “triangle” bit is hilarious! Thanks for the heads-up!

Cliff Walker
“Positive Atheism” Magazine


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