Beer Is Better Than Jesus

Paul D Jones, Author

To: Positive Atheism
Subject: Positive Atheism Letters Section
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Hello, I was just browsing around and noticed the “Top Ten Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Jesus” list, “source unknown.”

That would be myself. Rather, I had the idea, and about half of the reasons are from my original list on a BB called EvilAntiForum at Texas A&M, sometime in ‘90 or ‘91. I had just seen a T-shirt with the “Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Better Than Beer” list, so I rebutted. After some discussion and revision, the list was made into a T-shirt, which had two printing runs.

(Humorously, the first printer we picked out of the phone book had religious tees all over the walls when we went there. We found another.)

Sadly, my claim is fairly elusive of proof. The forum no longer exists, the witnesses and my partners in crime are graduated and dispersed, and the shirt doesn’t fit into my scanner. Veterans of alt.atheism may very faintly remember me, but I doubt it. Ah, well. It still provides some personal satisfaction to have the list immortalized electronically, and for anyone who cares to take my word for it, the primary author thanks you for spreading his memes around.