Openly Blasphemous
Against An Almighty God
Vivian Haney

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Vivian Haney"
Subject: Re: Positive_Atheism_Letters_Section
Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 7:15 PM

Dear Vivian,

Our target audience is atheists. Theists are welcome to browse and participate, but we don't tailor our presentation to meet the needs or desires of theists. It's tough trying to keep atheists happy; besides, we have nothing to say to theists.

We are sorry that you take the tale of Christ so seriously as to be hurt by humor that clearly responds to the claims and acts of some of the less desirable Christians our world has endured. Positive Atheism's Official Pastor says that while it may offend some, most would get a chuckle out of it (though he reminds us that #5 is not true in the state of Texas).

The "Beer vs. Jesus" bit was a rebuttal to an anti-non-Christian T-shirt. We see no God, but His followers torment us daily.

Meanwhile, almost every item in the "Beer vs. Jesus" T-Shirt accurately reflects upon elements of the Christian message or its history: its religious wars and persecution; its obsession with sex; its unashamed proselytization of very young children; the so-called hiddenness of God. Also, groups that help you adjust to leaving religion are systematically suppressed and driven out of existence.

So, instead of apologizing, I would like to thank you for giving myself (and our readers) a newfound appreciation for this piece, whose only fault is that it has made the Internet rounds too many times and more than a few of us veterans have grown tired of it.

Cliff Walker, Publisher
Positive Atheism Magazine

P.S. All English language style manuals demand that a writer capitalize the proper noun designating a fictitious character, such as Pinocchio or Old Yeller or Bonnie George Campbell or William Wilson or Bygmester Finnegan of the Stuttering Hand or the biblical character that some people have chosen to name God (or simply G*d). We follow this almost universally accepted practice if and only if the context makes it clear that we are dealing with a deity whose name is "God." But we likewise follow the modern custom of setting the word god in lowercase when it is a simple noun (synonymous with the word deity) and not a proper name. Modern style no longer demands that we capitalize all occurrence of the word "god."

Thus, we apply the same rules of syntax to all fictional characters.

Although this is Positive Atheism's editorial and writing style, we do not correct independent writers when they commit this or other grammatical errors; we only correct when it is obvious that the error is an unintended typographical error. In our Letters section, we will correct someone's typos if the writer is cordial, but only to make the letter easier to read. However, we usually print a letter verbatim if the letter displays an arrogant or abusive tone.

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