Atheists: Cold,
Unfeeling Automatons?
Paul Dillon

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Paul Dillon"
Subject: Re: Feedback
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 1:12 PM

How could this be? What kind of people do you think we are? Cold, unfeeling automatons? And how much more painful knowing that the person is gone, than thinking that the person is in a better place?

My grandmother (an atheist) used to mention some cultures where when someone died everyone was happy because, according to the dominant religion in that culture, the person who died was now in a far better place.

No. Please don't preach resurrection or a better place or the supremacy of atheism at my funeral. Don't even have one unless it means that much to you -- that is, don't do it for my sake. Most in my immediate family have had no funerals, but I think that comes more from a distrust of the preachers who would officiate them than from anything else. I don't think I would trust even a humanist or atheist group to keep their group's agenda out of the service.

Who would support a soup kitchen whose purpose is to stump for atheism? I wouldn't!

Nevertheless, I've eaten at quite a few soup kitchens whose purpose was to feed people -- not to stump for religion. (Yes. Such soup kitchens exist, even in America in the year 2000.) Even the Roman Catholic soup kitchens are better than the Evangelical ones because the only motive the Evangelicals display is preaching their agenda to a captive audience. The people will not hear the gospel voluntarily, and they know this; so the Evangelicals devise various ways to force it down our throats. The Roman Catholics do not make you listen to propaganda, and you can eat at the Roman Catholic place and walk out with your mind and sensibilities intact. The Roman Catholics and the Atheists think feeding the poor is right: the Roman Catholics because Jesus said so and the Atheists because they know that it's the only way some will be fed. In Portland, Oregon, if Atheists want to feed the poor, the only option we have is to support the Evangelical or Roman Catholic groups. I'll support the Roman Catholic group every time, because when you go there to eat, all you get is food unless you ask for more. At the Evangelical missions, you must endure the sales pitch or you will go hungry.

Meanwhile, the Evangelical missions get most of their money from the government (yes, Atheists paying to preach the Gospel of antiatheist bigotry). The rest comes mostly from public donations (including atheists and homosexuals -- both of whom are roundly denounced in the rescue mission sermons). The smallest chunck comes from the people that the missions say are the people feeding you: the Evangelical Christian churches. Even then, the primary motive for giving is to propagandize, not to express compassion or to effect change.

As an atheistic activist, my role (in part) is to denounce this exploitive behavior on the part of the Evangelicals.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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