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Justin Hassler

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Date: Friday, June 16, 2000 10:43 AM

I apologize that I am just getting around to answering your letter.

My source for the DNA article was Chuck Shepherd's "News of the Weird" column, and you would have to contact him for the source article. It made "NotW" because the scientist made a remark that humans are not much different from worms (the animal whose DNA was mapped). I'm sure it has been covered in the major scientific journals.

For a list of periodicals, check out the Publications section of our Web Guide and see what's out there. There are many good ones, but it depends on which angle you wish to explore. I personally don't receive any of them.

I get it all the time for being an atheist, and always have. I've even lost otherwise loving relationships over it.

I just ignored the sneeze remark for a long time. Lately, when someone says, "God bless you," I have begun mimicking or mocking their tone of voice to say "No thank you!" I am not any more comfortable doing this than I am ignoring the remark, but ignoring it does less damage, so I think I'll try to break this habit. Maybe.

The sneeze remark is an intrusion that has bothered me since I was a kid, and still bugs me today, because my body functions are my own business and are nothing that I have any control over. Would you point out to someone that their knee just made a popping sound? or to an incontinent person that they had just peed their pants? That our cultural habit of drawing attention to a sneeze is a religious invocation serves only to rub it in further if you are an atheist.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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