Question About Lewis's
'The Ten Commandments'

"Leontium, whose lover was the great philosopher Epicurus, was herself a woman of rare ability, and the author of several books."

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Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 4:38 PM

Ths book The Ten Commandments was written by the late Joseph Lewis, who depended heavily on Lecky, Lea, and Frazer. Lewis also likes to provide endless lists of "facts" to more than fortify his case. Because of this, some of the "facts" he has listed have had minor errors (such as when he said that Minrat went free, when, in fact, he was executed). I am not sure about the precision of his remark about Epicurus, but this opinion was probably in circulation either when Lewis wrote or when the other historians wrote.

As such, this work is posted for informational use only, and does not necessarily mean that we agree one hundred percent with what it says, nor are we willing to back up (or retract, as the case may be) anything except: Cliff's editorials; the FAQ section; Cliff's responses in the Letters section.

We concerted and posted this book as an important atheistic work which is very hard to find and which, according to our research, is in the public domain (our conversion of it to e-text and the HTML markup is copyrighted and it is edited in such a way that if somebody used our e-text to publish a commercial copy of the book using our e-text, we could detect that our e-text was used).

We also tend to agree with the main gist of the book: the Ten Commandments don't mean today what they meant to the people who originated them.

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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