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From: Positive Atheism <>
To: LC Whittle
Subject: Re: Forget Ventura
Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 5:09 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed the article -- including the part about him wanting to be reincarnated as a woman's bra. I even called my father long-distance to read sections of it to him. It was a real hoot! When was the last time you encountered an elected official who didn't take him- or herself wa-a-a-a-a-ay too seriously?

Meanwhile, atheophobia is atheophobia even if it is perpetrated against someone who turns out to be a theist. It is certainly atheophobia if it perpetrated against someone with whom I disagree on other matters, or if it is perpetrated against someone I disrespect for other reasons. The most vicious display of atheophobia in our town these days is being waged against a woman who is a liar and an exploiter: I sincerely hope never to have to speak to her again. It's still atheophobia and I will still denounce it and will support her in her struggle against it, regardless of whatever else I think about her.

I learned this concept when I became a victim of gay-bashing. They beat me up because they thought I was gay -- the toads!

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine

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