President Bush Even
Brings His Own Rope
Carey Sherrill

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Subject: Re: He even brings his own rope.
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 12:52 AM

Several have asked me if I think he is a closeted atheist. At least one insists that his daddy is an atheist. I don't buy it.

Meanwhile, too many precedents have been set over the years in times of hysteria (the McCarthy Era of the 1950s; John Adams's Day of Prayer and Fasting proclamation; Holy Trinity v. the United States) that just simply cannot be undone. The Christian apologists will stop at nothing in pointing to these blunders -- these aberrations -- and use them to posit that a theocratic American government (of the Christians, by the Christians, and for the Christians) is business as usual, rather than admit that this or that politician threw them a bone just to keep them quiet so we could get some real work done.

Methinks may be time to go for the throat, to stop being polite to Christianity:


"No doubt I will be told that, though religion is a poison and institutionalized Christianity the greatest enemy of progress and freedom, there is some good in Christianity "itself." What about the teachings of Christ and early Christianity, I may be asked; do they not stand for the spirit of humanity, for right and justice?

"It is precisely this oft-repeated contention that induced me to choose this subject, to enable me to demonstrate that the abuses of Christianity, like the abuses of government, are conditioned in the thing itself, and are not to be charged to the representatives of the creed. Christ and his teachings are the embodiment of submission, of inertia, of the denial of life; hence responsible for the things done in their name."
     -- Emma Goldman, "The Failure of Christianity" (1913)


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