It's All Greek To Me
Victor Gijsbers

[I don't know the first words] You believe in God? You believe? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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July, 2000

I didn't know how to respond, so I resorted to a trick I developed as a child, wherein if someone tried to "pull my leg," I'd take them dead seriously, and if they became unreasonable and I knew they were serious, I'd insist that I thought they were pulling my leg. The latter I found to be quite effective at disarming violent people, and the former I found to be one of the swiftest and surest ways to invoke somebody's ire (specifically because you took the "sting" out of their joke by not getting it -- a great defence, by the way, against unwanted sexist or racist humor: "Explain it to me again -- I still don't get it!"). With this one, the "HAHAHAHA" meant it was obviously a joke -- I just didn't know whether the joke was on me!

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