Muslim Terrorists Lash Out
Against Christian America
Clinton O'Dell

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Don't be Surprised
Article written by Clinton O'Dell

The Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States of America is a direct result of Christian Fundamentalist rule. American's are viewed as the Devils of the wold because our leaders force the spread of their religious mythology to not only America's own citizens but to other countries as well. It is no surprise the Pentagon was attacked and Muslim fundamentalist groups destroyed the World Trade Center this morning. America has brought it upon themselves to be attacked ever since they adopted the idea it was their duty to spread ignorance in the form of Christian mythology to other nations, thus provoking fundamentalist groups of differing mythology.

Since the birth of this country our goal has been to keep the church and state separate, the idea of freedom for everyone. This would have worked as an atheist nation; however, out of ignorance or just plain stupidity, religious fundamentalists found it necessary to force their particular brand of myth down the throats of others. As a result, Christianity has taken over our Government. When atheist Russia became the first nation to put a satellite in space they demonstrated the educational weakness of Americans. As a result the US reformed education, replacing Bible Study with Evolution, Earth Science, and Chemistry. Americans then advanced technologically and financially as the world's leader. We would like to think that would be the end of religious non-sense.

But that was not the case. Since the beginning of School Reform religious people worked hard to keep others just as ignorant. Once students became more educated they immediately threw away their silly beliefs of how the world works as according to Christian mythology, and this left religious leaders feeling incredibly stupid and insecure. They passed a law that put their imaginary friend's name on all our currency, changed the Pledge of Allegiance, and passed more horrible laws. At one time many of our nation's leaders were open atheists, but now it is considered mandatory to swear on a bible before becoming president. Now in modern times, in an age of scientific progress, religious leaders are working to end School Reform and bring back the Bible Study period when America was behind everyone out of ignorance. An openly fundamentalist politician managed to grab hold of the presidency in order to advance a Faith Based Initiative and hold back scientific progress. If nothing intervenes it might not be long before non-Christians are once again murdered in the name of myth and superstition just as it is done today in Pakistan.

The United States was once on the road to individual freedom and prosperity for everyone. Now it is on the road to the dark ages of scientific ignorance and many religious wars. Christian wars have been common in the past, always provoked by Christians. It is no surprise the Muslims decided to attack first this time. America has been a Super Power for the past 50 years, and now that George W. Bush is President it is now a Christian Super Power with the goal of spreading its brand of mythology. The Muslims don't want Christianity spreading to their homes, and who can blame them?

Muslims are just as ignorant and their beliefs systems are just as silly as their Christian opponents are. Think about it. These two groups murder each other over something that doesn't even exist! Everyone else becomes an innocent casualty of someone else's war. I for one am sick of it. Isn't it time we fight back?!

In Pakistan a man is about to be murdered by his own government because he is more intelligent than its people. Our president is passing laws to discriminate against us. This morning the United States was attacked by Muslim terrorists, weakening the world economy. And what do we do about it? A group in Pakistan is raising money for a defense team instead of organizing a rescue operation. Our citizens flood the capital with letters, faxes, and emails hoping someone will change their mind instead of electing our own leaders and one way or another forcing out the current leaders. And as a response to today's tragedy millions are donating money to Religious Televangelists for the promotion of Christianity instead of tightening security for our national landmarks and other strategic areas in an effort to defend against terrorism.

Aren't you tired of standing at the sidelines watching Muslim and Christian groups decide our fate? I for one am not going to tolerate it anymore. The next time an evangelist tries to convert you or someone you know, remember that they do not deserve respect. They are trying to spread ignorance and control your life. They are your enemy.

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