In Solidarity: Message To
American Colleagues
Levi Fragell, Babu Gogineni

From: "Babu Gogineni"
To: "Positive Atheism" <>
Subject: In Solidarity
Date: September 12, 2001 9:20 AM

Copy of Message Sent to American Colleagues

Dear Friends,

In this time of tragedy and great distress, on behalf of the IHEU we would like to share with you all our feelings of solidarity and togetherness.

There is disbelief and disgust for what has happened. The horror of the human devastation was as intense as the incomprehension and anger at the spontaneous jubilation in some parts of the world. Never, it seems, are human values more urgently needed than now. In the past, civilisation has ultimately triumphed against such barbarity, and we hope this will be the case now as well.

As we all psychologically pick ourselves up from the rubble of our destroyed humanity, our hearts go out to those who have become victims of this mindless and senseless attack.

The culprits who have planned and conspired to carry out this attack have to be identified and punished appropriately, but we hope that vulnerable communities will not be victimised in the search for the guilty.

In solidarity, and in hope,

On behalf of the IHEU's member organisations and the Executive Committee,

Levi Fragell
Babu Gogineni

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