A Growing Feeling
That Something
Changed That Day

From: "PUMA"
To: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
Subject: U.S. after the 11 of Sep.
Date: September 18, 2001 8:17 PM

Hello, Cliff.

Poland took the events from 11 Sep. with -- first with disbelief -- the same shock as any European country. I will not use many sentences to describe our feelings -- we are all humans, we all have families, we all want peace and so on. The American people have the full support of the 'Europe-citizen'.

However I thought that perhaps your readers (mostly Americans) would be interested to know some critical points of view, from the East-Europe perspective. As I said the support from citizens to citizens is great, but this doesn't change the fact that American politicians and U.S. foreign politics do not have a good amount of support in Europe:

-- The United States are the biggest producer and exporter of all kinds of military weapons in the world -- and that speaks volumes for itself.

-- The U.S. military forces (and only US) are invaders in Saudi Arabia, where the most Holy Places for Islam are, as well as Mecca and Medina. It's a disgrace and an infamy for almost every Moslem in the world! Poland became again a sovereign, democratic, independent country in the beginning of the 1990's, when Communism collapsed, and the final step was when our "allies", the Soviet divisions, left Poland.

-- The U.S. are supporting and thus preventing the natural collapse of the bloody regimes in many Islamic countries -- one example is the King Fahd regime in Saudi Arabia: they are puppets in hands of the U.S. (as are Egypt and Jordan). Can you believe Cliff, that Saudi Arabia has debts!? Yes, one of the most petroleum-rich countries in the world has debts. This is because a small, elite group is swimming in money and power (and this elite group is very good at spending the money for themselves; they don't care about the country and -- officially at least -- it's the country's money), while many citizens are living like beggars. And the "Land of the Free" is actively helping the regime to stand. And, there is -- apart from fundamentalists like Osama -- also democratic opposition in exile.

-- Many U.S. officials said even years ago (and still think) that they have, for example, given Egypt something like "a young, half-democracy" -- so that it's not a strict Islamic state like Iran. Of course, it isn't a democratic state either (they say, "they're Moslems, you know"). Well, today's Poland is young, but is a fully democratic state -- and we are very pleased about it! Something like a "half democracy" (Belarus?) doesn't really exist -- or if does exist, then this "half-democracy" (and half-Wild West-type?) state is headed for destabilization if there should be a world economic crisis. The most famous "half-democracy" in the world's history is the Weimar Republic, best known for it's collapse in 1933, and giving the way for the Nazi regime and Hitler's rise for full power.

-- The possible U.S. counter-attack (rather, the certain counter-attack, with this Texas moron as your president), will increase the danger that terrorists in near future will use biological and nuclear weapons.

I have an interesting quote for your readers, from a friend of mine (she's a Catholic), we spent many hours watching CNN last week:

"I'm constantly hearing from this Bush and other 'high' politicians: here is a new war, a first war of the 21st century, make no mistake -- we're gonna strike back, we're going against not only terrorists, but whole countries (like Iraq for example).

I've got a strong feeling that this could turn out to be the last world war of the 21st Century".

At the end I wanted to point out the most important thing: this wasn't an attack on Christians (the target in this case would be The Vatican); it wasn't an attack on Europe and America both; it wasn't an attack to cause major panic in the whole U.S. (if so this murderers would use 'mixed weapons': planes, chemical, wide attack on energetic systems); it wasn't an attack to cause major panic in the whole world (again if so, we would have seen mixed weapons and targets in several countries); it wasn't an attack to "kill as many as possible" (no biological or chemical weapons were used, no "pocket" atomic bombs). This was an attack aimed only to destroy the signs of power of the U.S. These horrible, vicious and inhuman attacks should give the U.S. citizens a message that they aren't safe and that the American politicians are guilty in many ways.

The terrorism should be fought against, together with US, with the hard-edge by joint, united efforts of many countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, the West, and the powerful, Communist China. However, this should not be done by military efforts, but by secret agencies and agents. Meanwhile, we can't forget about the roots of modern terrorism: America and Europe should increase financial support for young, poor democratic countries that are struggling against the tendency to go back to autocratic regimes, especially in the central and southern parts of Africa.

The history of humans knows awesome genocide, wars, plagues, Hitler, Stalin, hunger of entire nations.

The events of 11 Sep. are not much compared to all the evil of (even recent) history.

And yet I've got a growing feeling that something changed with that day.

Best regards to all Americans.


P.S. Don't buy the words of the large group of politicians -- "we have to give up some of the democratic freedoms now, the state has to be stronger". Some decades ago, a wise man -- who knew the whole "control the masses" system as it applies to democracy in times of big war -- said :

"The state that has the power and can give you everything, can also take it away from you".
-- Winston Churchill.

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