Shame On You,
'Dr.' Falwell!
Carol Sayer

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"Dr." Falwell, Your opinions are a disgrace. You sound as out of touch as the assassins. How could a so-called Christian spout prejudices as hateful as a Hitler? You need to sit down and think about what your hateful rhetoric is doing to the simple-minded people who listen to you. You and the people who think like you are dangerous to this country. Shame on you!

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Jonathan & Carol Sayer"
Subject: Re: PA-via_Positive_Atheism_Index
Date: September 16, 2001 7:10 PM

We're taking flack from a few of his followers. I am forwarding it to all the ISPs suggesting either him or Bush's Day of Prayer as the inspiration for it (although those who bother to say anything substantial mention Bush, not Falwell).

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
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     people with no reason to believe

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