A Battle Of The Gods?
Or Just Us Humans?
Gil Gaudia

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Dear Editor:

If it turns out that the September 11 attack was by Muslim Fundamentalists on Christian America, then these Muslims not only hate Christians, but believe that their God, Allah, will help them in destroying the "Great Satan," America. Currently our own leaders are imploring Americans to pray for the Christian God's help in the coming war to defeat the Fundamentalist Muslims.

Please, can anyone explain why this situation exists and which religion is right? Are there two separate Gods in the world competing with each other for the devotion of the world's peoples? Is there only one God, and if so is He on the Christian or the Muslim side? Is there no God, which seems from the evidence might possibly be the case?

If there is a Christian God, could He have stopped the Muslims from carrying out their horrific deed? If there is a Muslim God, did He aid the terrorists? If there is one God and Christians are beseeching Him for help and Muslims are doing the same, what sort of help could He possibly provide?

I am heartsick at what has happened and would love to hear a rational answer to these questions from anyone other than a Fundamentalist Christian or a Fundamentalist Muslim.

Gil Gaudia, Ph.D.

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