The 'New School Prayer':
A Response In Kind
Jeff Ivy

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Response to
The New School Prayer

And so, you're sitting down at school
You think that praying's kinda cool
But what you'd really like to do
Is make all people think like you

If prayers are forced to all in sight
It does infringe the Bill of Rights
But never did it mean, nor now,
That you can't fold your hands and bow

And though strange colored hair you hate
Make sure that you don't overstate
The law, and all it does imply
To do so, knowingly, is to lie

For stating these mistruths as facts
Is one of the more heinous acts
Another one, I'll quickly state
Is demonizing those you hate

The ones who curse and dress real cool
Last time I checked, were not in school
You'll find that dress codes are the norm
Some make you wear a uniform!

And children, sometimes, make mistakes
You chastise them, for heaven sakes
For things most teens do when they're young
Protecting them's not so far-flung

You bristle at what you perceive
You'd silence those who don't believe
What of the Hindus, Buddhists too?
Why should they have to bow to you?

And what's the evil that you see?
I see, instead, a litany
Of fears, of superstitions told
Why fear the totem poles of old?

You must be blinded by some shroud
The Ten Commandments are allowed
As long as they're accompanied
By words from someone else's creed

Your argument is strained and weak
Your points are old, and what you speak
Is lies, and truth be told, it's sad
And by the way, your meter's bad!

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