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Thanks for this!

Stalin showed the world that an ideology based upon the basic tenets of atheism is not immune to abuses in this respect.

Stalin also showed us that we could hold the basic tenets of atheism and do this "religiously," that is, hold these tenets in a manner and style usually associated with religious faith and fervor.

This is one of the reasons I emphasize passive or "weak" atheism: it's hard to get very excited about the mere absence of religion; how can you get yourself worked up into a tizzy because you differ from most people? What few "tenets" we do hold in this respect aren't really tenets at all, in the traditional sense. With "weak" atheism, you won't be twisting many people's arms and you won't be holding a sword over their necks. It's almost impossible to become what Colin Wilson called The Right Man, the man who is right and insists that everybody else conform to his will. (Know any political leaders like that?)

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