The Presidential Oath
Anthony Heath

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Date: October 26, 2001 7:33 PM

I don't know how one would prosecute when such Presidents as Washington and Adams did the same thing. Lincoln had to invoke the Emancipation Act before the Constitution was applied to all men, and then we still had to go through the Suffrage movement for it to apply to all humans. Our Constitution has never been fully obeyed: the closest we have come to it in my lifetime was during the administration of Jimmy Carter (which was a disaster in several other respects).

I do know that when a mayor in Arizona tried to invoke National Bible Week, some people sued. The court threw it out because of a Supreme Court ruling that basically says that if the only damage comes from the fact that it's against the law, there is no real damage as far as suing in court goes.

The main problem is this: who in their right mind is going to support, much less bring up, a move to bust a President for being overtly religious? I doubt even an openly atheistic Senator or Representative would do this (not that there is such a thing as an openly atheistic politician -- there isn't). Those Jewish representatives in local assemblies who must stand outside during the Christian prayer know better than to even squawk about it: they resign to standing politely outside until the Christians are done pretending that this is their country and theirs alone, and then they walk in and take their seats and conduct their business with all the caution you'd expect of a despised minority.

You just don't take on religion in the United States and get away with it: the dominant religious groups in America are powerful, corrupt, jealous, vindictive, and extremely greedy. If you think fooling with the Mafia is dangerous, try tinkering with organized religion and see what happens. Organized crime at least has some product to offer, be it drugs, odds, or whatever; organized religion is pure profit, offering nothing in return for your money. The religious leaders will thus protect this margin at all costs, having that much more to lose than even organized crime.

Almost all of the consequences will come at the polls, and this will not come about unless and until we get busy and support some serious public education efforts.

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
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     people with no reason to believe

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