Bush Is Right: Atheists
Are Insignificant As Americans

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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "Fuzzbeak"<Fuzzbeak@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: IN_GOD_WE_TRUST_On_Our_Money
Date: March 03, 2002 11:49 AM


Why do you remind me so much of this cretin named ed, that asshole who tried to menace us with surprisingly similar dishonesty (and grammatical style) not twenty hours ago?

Are you so paranoid that you think I've given you Heave Ho Number 505? No, I have a Delete button and my pain-wracked and barely alive body desperately needs all the exercise it can get, so I simply delete them "by hand" these days.

What am I doing besides trying to figure out how to reduce the amount of bigotry we atheists endure, bigotry such as you seem to enjoy dishing out? What am I doing besides that? Please explain!

I suppose you'd just bend over and take it if your money said, "All Gods Are Just Make Believe" or "There Is One God, Allah, And Mohammed Is His Prophet"?

If you'd remain silent in the face of such abuse, then you're a weenie.

That's all I can say.

You'd get angry too, if people wrote to you and lied to you about what you do and do not think, do, say, and believe! If I wrote to you and told you that you don't believe in God, that the notion of God is so utterly absurd that nobody in their right mind could possibly believe it; therefore, you don't believe it, either -- if I did that, you'd be downright livid.

People get that way when some jackass tinkers with what's closest to one's heart, such as religious beliefs. Thus, if you're a man, a healthy-minded man, I promise you that you'd be quite upset if I did that!

And if I wrote to a public forum and told the readers that you don't really believe in God but you're just afraid to admit that fact to your friends because Christians are such flaming bigots that if you told them the truth -- if you told them that you don't really believe in God -- they'd come after you and make you pay: you'd lose your friends, your job, your house, your family, your dignity, and, in some cases, your life (which is what often happens to us when we admit that we don't believe in that Fairy Tale For Adults known as "The Gospel Of Jesus Christ"). You'd be upset and would not be able to sleep for days if I wrote to a magazine and said that about you! I promise!

We get rather upset, too, when some clown writes to a public forum and lies about us as you have done here. Fortunately, whenever you and your ilk lie about us, it ultimately serves only to remind us why we don't believe in God! No God worthy of being called "a God" would ever inspire His followers to treat people the way you have treated us in this one short letter. You certainly aren't obeying the will of any Entity worthy of the moniker "God." For this reason alone we can justly conclude that no such thing as God exists.

If He did exist, we surmise, He would be powerful enough and awe-inspiring enough to persuade you (and the others) behave morally toward others, particularly your ideological opponents, in the hopes that we might see His Love and Glory in your behavior. We'd hope that with the commandment to "Make disciples of all nations," you'd want to treat us with dignity. But, since we seldom if ever see anything even remotely resembling that in the behavior of Christians who write to our Forum, we justly conclude that the Christian God is just plain phony. We also justly conclude that you don't even believe this shit yourself! If you did, you'd obey His commandments to "make disciples," wouldn't you? rather than just sit there and "make enemies" without just provocation!?

If you can show -- if you can demonstrate -- that I do, in fact, believe in God, I will retract this entire web page and honor you with the credit of bringing about my downfall. If you cannot do this, then I expect a full apology from you for having slandered me and for having used falsehood to try to discredit my work on behalf of America's most widely and viciously despised innocent class, those who just don't follow the trip that the religious folks are trying to shove down our throats.

If you don't even try to do either, I'll be forced, in all fairness, to invoke PAM's abusive e-mail policy, as posted in the About page of our Letters section. I do this to discourage people from wasting our time by demanding, publicly, that we respond to falsehood, that we justify opinions that we don't even hold, and the like. Bullshit like this is a monumental waste of time, and since you opened up this particular tirade with a belly laugh about us not having anything better to do with our time, I will be forced to show you to be more than simply a hypocrite: you're a menace -- a simple menace -- a menace of the simpleton variety -- and your goal is simply to make life hard for those of us who just don't get the line of malarkey that has been foisted upon our fellows -- which line you proudly admit to having swallowed, hook, line, and sinker.

I see that your Christian education did not do a very good job at teaching you how to read the English language. For that I'm sorry, but for that I do not apologize, never having been much of a fan of Christian education.

Either that or you're lying about me again.

Why do you lie about me? What purpose does this serve? Why does it matter to you what others think about me? And why is it so important to you that others be given a false picture of who I am, what I say, and what I'm about? Why can't you make your point while telling the truth?

I admit that my responses and my editorials agree with my opinion, because that's what they _are_: my opinion! (Duh!) But just about every letter that comes in gets posted eventually. The only ones that get outright rejected are the abusive ones, and even jerks such as yourself usually get at least a first chance: it's your second or third letter that I'll probably move into the Dead Storage folder.

Why should I "admit" something that is a bald-faced lie? To do that would reduce me to your level, which is precisely why I work so hard each day, in deep and grueling study, in order to avoid!

Just because President Bush said something in a speech recently (that 95 percent of Americans believe in God) does not make it true. Rather than believe a lawbreaking President, I will get my facts from the most thorough (and most thoroughly trusted) survey of the religious views of Americans going today: the City University of New York's "American Religious Identification Survey."

This survey shows, as Raw Data, over 14 percent of American adults as being "Not Religious"; that is, "atheist," "agnostic," "humanist," "secular," and "no religion." The "Weighted Data," which factors in such research incongruities as individuals who answered for their entire household, show figures for "Not Religious" as being much higher.

For President Bush to state that 95 percent of Americans believe (by implication) inhis God without at least explaining why his figures differ so drastically from those of this major work of research and scholarship is patently dishonest of him. For anybody to go along with what he says, particularly in the context of menacing one of their ideological opponents in a screamingly blatant act of bigotry, shows only just how dangerous President Bush actually is in that he'd give such dangerous speech to the public, thereby encouraging people to use it as weapons against Bush's own ideological opponents. (Bush is such a weenie, I suppose, that he cannot do his own bigotry work, so he tricks certain elements of the American public to do that work for him?)

When a country obeys its own laws, how could this possibly benefit only me? Are you suggesting that it is in your best interest for the country to disregard both its laws and its foundational principles of fairness, equality, and, most of all, Religious Liberty (which history shows can only be had when the government is perfectly neutral toward or against religion)? How could America's renunciation of Religious Liberty in favor of religious favortism be in your best interests, unless you are both greedy and short-sighted? greedy in that you think it's your religious views that will come out on top? short-sighted in that you think your religious views will remain on top, never to be outdone by another system?

(Nation of Islam as state religion, enacted through military coup: Be afraid! Be very afraid!)

On the other hand: why should everyone be forced to watch sit-coms on television just because the majority of American think these things are quality and wholesome forms of entertainment? Why should everyone be forced to watch the six-o'clock news just because the majority of Americans trust that that's where the truth can be found? Why should everybody become enmeshed in a moral travesty (bigotry) just because the majority of Americans believe that bigotry is okay when practiced against certain minorities (such as atheists, but no longer homosexuals)? Why should we all become part and parcel to such immorality just because 51 percent of Americans think it's okay to do it?

And would the majority of Americans, when told the truth about "In God We Trust" on our coins, still go along with it?

Do they currently go along with it simply because they've been told The Big Lie and are too busy with the Job of Living to sit down and research the facts?

Do they currently go along with it at all? Is it on there as the result of a popularity contest?

Or is it on there because a handful Senators and Congressmen pulled a vicious and unruly stunt in 1957 while everybody else was too busy looking for Bolsheviks in their workplace washrooms to even be aware of what was happening in the Halls of Congress?

I don't know the answer to your question, because it's a trick question, presupposing things that simply are not true (such as the popularity of the "God" slogan on our money).

I do know that that's just how the law reads. The United States was founded as the first modern nation to have an entirely godless Constitution. As such, her Bill of Rights protects the minorities from the tyranny of the majority (among other things). That's just how the law reads, and unless and until we can overthrow the Constitution, it's not my burden to question what it says: I will simply obey the law and uphold the Constitution in whatever capacity my meager role as United States Citizen will allow. Just because you disagree with the law, just because you think the majority ought to be allowed to trample the rights and the livelihoods and the lives of those you find disagreeable, why, then, should we in the minority put up with it? Why should we just bend over and take it, particularly since the founding principles of our government -- especially our foundational laws -- do not allow for such behavior?

Perhaps it helped you to improve your typing speed.

Who is being selfish, the one who sits back and quietly points out an injustice (as is his right under the laws of this country) or the one who gleefully tramples the rights and dignity of members of minority groups just because he enjoys a good practical joke? a good belly-laugh? who just loves to menace and abuse those who are disadvantaged because he can get away with it? because, as the lapel button on my Chicago Cubs cap says, "Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups"?

"Guffaw! Guffaw! A-haw haw haw! (*Belch!*) Gaud Bless Amerikkka, Buddy!"

Ah, if such a Cretin only existed!

But be glad! Be glad that no such Ogre as you describe, the Christian God, exists in real life! This place -- this entire Universe -- would be worse than what the Christians so joyfully portray as the Christian Hell, whose drooling jaws impatiently await the quivering, suffering flesh of the ideological opponents of Jim and ed and Jesus and the rest of the greedy Christian crew who have written to us with similar sentiments, serving only to give us and our readers overwhelming reasons to avoid the Christian religion like the plague that it is!

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six-and-a-half years of service
    to people with no reason to believe

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