Science, Religion,
And Ideology In Slovakia
Adam Roman

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
To: "Adam Roman"
Subject: Re: Max Planck and religion
Date: November 24, 2001 1:46 AM

The problem with statistics is in how they ask the question. If they ask the question one way, they'll get 85 percent say they believe in God. But if they ask it from another perspective (perhaps from a fundamentalist's standpoint, as she or he would speak and define words), they will get only 15 percent who believe in the "God" of Fundamentalism!

When Slovakia was part of the Communist bloc, were your people not atheistic? or is that another Christian myth from the 1950s that they told us, just to get us to support the Cold War? -- as if we Americans were all Christian back then! We weren't, of course, but all were very frightened to admit that we weren't, being not quite sure what to think of McCarthy Era's anti-Atheist, anti-Communist propaganda. People lost their careers just for being suspected of being a Communist or even a Communist sympathizer! This is what happened to actor Charlie Chaplin and many others who fell victim to this brutal Christian assault on our dignity and our freedom and on the very meaning of our country's Constitution. Many of us think that George W. Bush will bring us back to this terrible attitude of the 1950s, but I am more hopeful.

Cliff Walker
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