Evolution Is Crap!
I Have More Sense Then
You Dense Viewers!
Shannon Smith

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This came as a single block of text, and we have divided it into several paragraphs for readability. Aside from that one alteration, we left it be, as we do with most letters of this tone, lest we be accused of tampering with text.
    -- Editor

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From: "Positive Atheism" <editor@positiveatheism.org>
To: "shannon smith"
Date: May 12, 2002 6:41 AM

How can this be? You don't make any points in your letter. (Why, it's barely legible!) You merely jump up and down, puff up, hiss, spit, shout, and call us liars. You don't make a case, you don't bring forth evidence, you don't even present an argument. All you did here was rail!


Could it be that the truth has once again backed the Fundamentalist Christian religion into a corner? When a poor, dumb animal is backed into a corner, all it has left to do is bark and growl and bite and lunge for the throat. This is what I think of whenever a desperate Christian writes to me and starts yelling like that! all this scene ever reminds me of, and all I can think of, is that lone wolf, separated from the pack, alone, truly alone, having had to go this far in the faith to begin with, not making it even then, and becoming just as lost as the religious dogma accuses we atheists of being!

In the same way, when Christianity has no case against the Theory of Evolution (when its back is against the wall in that respect as well), all that's left is to lie about the Theory of Evolution and then criticize and belittle those lies! The "little coke" can analogy that we keep hearing is a classic example of this behavior, because it doesn't even come close to what Evolutionists actually say. But why do the Fundamentalist Christians have to make this stuff up? why can't they challenge the Theory of Evolution for what it is? Because the Fundamentalists cannot touch what the Evolutionists actually teach about the Theory! The Theory of Evolution is so unassailably rock-solid! It has such a firm and broad foundation in every branch of science that it touches (including how the human brain functions), that there really is nothing going in science today that can touch it. At all!

Maybe some day someone will find something, some new piece of evidence, some heretofore undiscovered fact that will be so convincing as to topple the entire realm of science and send Darwinism packing with its tail between its legs!

And that's how it will happen (if it happens): someone will find new evidence. All that will result from Christians telling lies about what the theory says will be the further discrediting of Christianity!

Meanwhile, facts are clear and are readily available to those who wish to avail themselves of them. To those who choose to continue allowing political opportunists to continue exploiting them for personal and political gain, we welcome you to your delusions.

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Ditto for the Pious Lincoln Canard. What Lincoln was (or was not) is completely meaningless with a single exception: It has recently become wildly popular to fool Evangelical Christians in America (the easiest to fool, it seems) into thinking that Abraham Lincoln was a pious Christian! Because this falsehood is such a simple matter to refute, we have found the popularity of this utterly transparent lie to be a very effective weapon in our campaign to show the Fundamentalist Christian religion to be the pack of lies, presented in sheer desperation, that we have always thought it to be! Thank you for helping us to show our readers just how dishonest Christians can get when they become desperate.

The only evidence to be found in these articles and books proclaiming the piousness of Lincoln is all readily dismissed by Lincoln scholars the world over. During the decades after his death, many phony books and articles were published about Lincoln. They go completely against what everybody who knew him ever said about him. They manufactured "witnesses" that nobody had ever known before, whose testimony not only cannot be verified, but whose testimony disagrees one so-called witness from the other. I promise you that all of the so-called evidence that Lincoln was a pious Christian fits into this category: if there was one thing Lincoln was not, it's a pious orthodox Christian. He was often a man of deep religious conviction, but that religion in no way resembled orhodox Christianity. This is the conclusion to which the indisputable evidence points, evidence that has never been suspected of having been penned by some preacher in 1884 who was having financial straits so he wrote a book of newly "found" Lincoln material.

Meanwhile, facts are clear and are readily available to those who wish to avail themselves of them. To those who choose to continue allowing political opportunitsts to exploit them for personal and political gain, we welcome you to your delusions.

Thank you for helping us to show our readers just how some politically charged Christians get when they become desperate because the truth has backed them into a corner. We'll add your letter to our collection of similar ones on the same subject of the Pious Lincoln Canard.

I never understood what it means to "roll over in one's grave." Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the meaning of this expression.

I also never understood why so many Christians who write to us refuse to capitalize people's names! How altogether disrespectful!

In any event, thank you for contributing to our effort to expose to our readers just how dishonest Fundamentalist Christians can get when they become desperate to win a few converts. We strongly suggest that this could be the direct result of excessive adherence to the Christian religion itself, that is, taking your religion wa-a-ay too seriously!

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Six-and-a-half years of service
    to people with no reason to believe

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