Phony Washington Quote
Shows Christian Is A Liar

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From: "Positive Atheism" <>
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Subject: Re: Yet Another Christian Lie!? Unsigned, No Less!!
Date: August 15, 2002 2:21 AM

When did Washington say this? I'd like to know! I'd like to find proof that this is a genuine saying of Washington, but I cannot find it. They tell us that it is from his Farewell Address, dated 1796, but I have read that address several times and it is not there.

Hmmm! Could this be yet another Christian lie?

Literally thousands of Christian apologists and Christian political opportunists tell us that Washington said this -- somewhere -- but the Washington scholars disagree. Sentiments like those expressed here are nowhere to be found among those sayings known to be genuine statements of Washington.

Why do they keep doing this to us? What is it about faith in Christ that prompts so many people to be so patently dishonest? What is it about atheists that so many people to think it is okay to lie to us without having to suffer even the indignity of being known as a liar?

We've been looking for a source for this quote for years, and cannot find one. Even the Washington scholars we have consulted tell us that it is unlike everything Washington is known to have said. They tell us that numerous Christians, beginning with Rev. Weems, published false biographies of Washington for the purpose of falsely portraying him as a pious, Jesus-loving Christian because they could not stand the thought that the man responsible for the founding of this nation was known by those closest to him not as a Christian but as a Deist and a Mason, a man who did not lead the family in prayer at suppertime, a man who ducked out of church when it came time to serve Communion, a man who, during his administration, went to church for show, but who, during his later years, preferred to stay home and write letters.

It's beginning to look as if Christians have conspired to lie to us once again.

Why is it that so many Christians lie like this?

Why do so many Christians lie for the purpose of trying to get us to join their religion?

Do so many Christians wish for all of us to become liars like so many of them are?

I will post this as yet another example of Christians not only lying to us but being too chicken-shit to even sign their names to the lie! Yet they all gladly sign the name of their Lord to the lie! Hmmm! Just what is the name of their Lord worth? and why is it that they so diligently wish for us to join them in their immorality?

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Seven years of service to people
    with no reason to believe

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