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Cliff replies:

Hey, thanks a lot for tempting me to spend a whole hour on the Chick web site the other night, reading all the halloween tracts that you're supposed to give to little children when you hand them their candy. This way, the children of the unchurched will get to hear about Jesus, too, says Chick. I especially liked the one with the pumpkin-headed guy who bursts in the room just in time to stop that straw-man Satanist from sacrificing a cat -- by cutting everybody into little pieces with a chain saw!

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From the Chick tract "Boo!"
Example of Jack Chick's Evangelical Christian propaganda.
Is this where twisted kids get the idea to sacrifice cats on Hallowe’en?
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That one was a real hoot -- I guess: I wouldn't know. I'm not the type to indulge in stuff like that or the Inquisition or the Crusades or the Auto-Da-Fé! But that pumpkin-head was just so weird looking that I can't get the picture off my mind!

Oh, although the web site hypes this as a "takeoff on secular horror films," the tract itself says nothing about its being a takeoff or a spoof or anything remotely resembling fiction. Nothing!

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