Slandering Others In Order To
Validate One's Own Existence
'Analytic Phil'

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From: "Positive Atheism Magazine" <>
To: "Analytic Phil"
Subject: Re: Positive_Atheism_Letters_Section
Date: March 06, 2004 2:54 AM

I do not despise self-proclaimed noncognitivists for slandering atheists and lying about the nature of atheism. Life is too short to even worry about such things, much less get one's undies in a bunch about them! However, I do resent the behavior of slandering liars.

Atheism, as I have shown you (so many times that I'm tired of even dealing with you, "Anylitic Phil"), is the simple absence of a god-belief, according to the prevailing self-definition provided by almost three hundred years' worth of atheistic writings.

A person either grants assent to a god-claim or does not grant assent to that claim. Whether or not the person can grasp the meaning of that god-claim is irrelevant.

Therefore, a person who is not a theist is an atheist.

This definition does not take into consideration whether or not one is too dense to understand what certain people mean when they make their god-claims, and thus applies to all noncognitivists -- like it or not.

Neither does this definition reveal a given atheist's personal feelings toward self-proclaimed noncognitivists, bona fide noncognitivists, self-proclaimed agnostics, traditional agnostics, self-proclaimed theists, bona fide theists, or anything else. It reveals only the presence or absence of assent to the god-claim. That's all.

Many atheists, however, do not like slanderers (or any liars, for that matter). I am one of those atheists. But one's position on slandering liars has nothing whatsoever to do with one's atheism: many atheists are themselves slandering liars of the first order. In fact, I have encountered one slandering, lying atheist who claims to be a noncognitivist; I have encountered numerous slandering, lying atheists who claim to be agnostics.

Being resentful of the behavior of the slandering, lying self-proclaimed noncognitivist, I will do what I can to expose the dishonesty of said individual.

Having done that to the behavior of "Analytic Phil," I have now placed his e-mail address into the most aggressive filter that our anti-spam program has: Further e-mail from "Analytic Phil" will not even come to rest on our server.

Politesse demands that we accept a person's or group's self-definition. But they whose self-definition incorporates the degradation of others outside their own group make it very difficult for us to do this.

Have a nice life -- assuming you can grasp that concept. (And I think you can.)

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Eight-and-one-half years of service to
        people with no reason to believe

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