You Will Not Have a Chance, Atheist!

Beware the Day
When Christians Say
‘Enough is Enough’

Joe Dodd

From: “Joe Dodd”
To: “Positive Atheism”
Sent: August 21, 2003
Subject: Send me the Which Ten Commandments file

Nice article on the Ten Commandments? To argue against the Ten Commandments whether you believe in God or not is just plain bad morals.

I know one thing for sure, if a person follows and abides by the Ten Commandments he will be a better person for it. Why people want to destroy good things is beyond me, they are just hateful I guess! Beware the day when Christians say enough is enough, you will not have a chance atheist. You keep up your hateful ways and the time will come when the Christians say “this is the way its going to be and that’s it!” There are way to many of us. Some of us are even educated and some of us even have a little common sense.

Anyway, to deny these commandments is to deny good morality, it is to be a heathen as an Atheist. I knew two and have heard of many others that proclaimed atheism until they begged God for mercy on their death bed. If you even wonder just a small bit that there could be in the realm of possibilities a God then you have to wonder just a little that you might possibly burn in Hell! Calling ones self an atheist is just a cop out to good morality, so one can live an immoral life without the guilt. So that one may partake in certain evils without being held morally accountable. Atheism is definitely for the weak minded and the lazy sinner.


From: “Positive Atheism”
To: “Joe Dodd”
Subject: Send me the Which Ten Commandments file
Date: August 23, 2003

Beware the day when Christians say enough is enough, you will not have a chance atheist.

Those days have come and gone: they’re known as the Dark Ages, and aptly named, I might add. Your Christian “love” tore our limbs off on the “Rack,” burned us at the stake in public sporting events called the “Auto-da-fé,” and, most importantly, confiscated our estates, giving generations’s worth of our families’ hard-earned money — all of it — to your Church.

Christian morals, when enacted into law, produce a dark situation indeed!

Had it not been for this brutal false economy keeping the Church alive on its own power, you would not have a Christian religion to worship today. Had the Kings not stolen our money and kidnapped our children, handing both over to your Church, it would have rolled over and died a hundred times over. Your Christian religion would not have survived the tide of intellectual progress. Nature herself would have crushed into the dust of forgetfulness the entire Jesus myth and everything it ended up creating into the dusty annals of history like a cigarette butt discarded onto a shopping mall parking lot to await the vacuums of the night crew.

Your Church could never be successful under its own power and influence: she does not offer what people want; she does not say what people think is true. Your church thrives today only because she was and is, then and now, falsely buoyed by the free money taken from nonbelievers.

Nowadays, wa-a-ay too many people have seen the light and have dismissed the Christian Church for the barbaric fraud that she is. The Church in America is rapidly becoming as she has been in Europe for quite some time. To borrow a term from today’s kids, the Church in America is “toast.”


You will need to answer some questions before we can take your objection seriously. Frankly, we predict that you cannot or will not answer these questions. The tone of your letter gives us a very strong impression that your only intent, here, was to menace those of us whom you hate solely because of the social class to which we belonbelong to a class that you hate.

Honor thy mother and father? I honor mine!

Ah, but do they honor you? Why is there no Commandment that they honor you? And why would you need a commandment from the alleged creator of the Universe to do what is instinctive? And what if the parent in question is unworthy of honor? What if he is a child molestor?

Shalt not kill.

I take it, then, that you are a vegan. Or do you simply let others kill your food for you, including plants?

By the way, did I see you down at the big rally against the “War On Iraq” earlier this year? Everybody I know was there: how come I didn’t see you there if you’re as dead-set against killing as you’d have us think?

If Moses said “Thou shalt not murder,” and ordered the death penalty for those who do, then why did he himself remain alive long enough to even say “Thou shalt not murder”? He himself murdered, in cold blood and with premeditation, according to the Exodus tale, anyway. If we must suffer death for murdering, why was he allegedly allowed not only to escape it but then raised above his fellows (most of whom did not murder) as their moral leader?

What is the importance of blood pollution in the prohibition against “killing” or murder”? Why was it more important that hte land not be polluted by blood than it was that somebody’s only-ever life was being taken away from them? In other words, why is the former given such vast and detailed space in Hebrew law but the latter never mentioned?

No stealing

Is this what the original text said? “No stealing”? or could it have said something else, such as “Thou shalt not kidnap” or “Thou shalt not move a landmark,” both of which have been offered by scholars much more proficient in the study of history and ancient languages than I am.

And what was this bit about the Israelites “borrowing” gold, silver, and jewels from their Egyptian neighbors on the eve of the Exodus? They all knew that they would not be returning these personal belongings, but borrowed them nonetheless. What good is a Commandment from an alleged deity in light of this?

No adultery

Why was it okay, under this law, for men to fµck whomever they chose as long as it was not some other man’s wife? Why did any woman who ever fµcked anybody but her own husband guilty of adultery under this law? Where is justice?


In the Hebrew law (which Christians want us to believe they want us ALL to practice), you can only commit adultery against a husband: it is impossible to commit adultery against the wife. This is because the husband owns the wife: the wife is the husband’s property! You cannot commit adultery against a woman because she does not own the husband as property.

You want us all to revert to this barbarism? Hey, you’re welcome to it, as long as you do it in such a way that our children cannot see you doing it .

Don’t lie on another. No false witness

Ah, but you lie right here in this letter!! You lie about this very commandment! It does not say, “Don’t lie [to] one another.” It does not say that at all, anywhere in the Mosaic law! It says “Do not bear false witness — that is, falsely accuse them of wrongdoing for the purpose of bringing the wrath of the authorities down upon their heads. Why does the Hebrew law say nothing about lying to one another, and focus only on the crime of false accusation?

Could it be that the Bible is nothing but a book of lies? The Bible says, “Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Why does it say this? Who is “thy neighbor,” and why is there no commandment protecting the non-neighbor against the false witness of a Jew (given that the Ten Commandments are Jewish, not Christian)?

And so on

And so on!? And so on — what!? You listed only five. (And you got at least one of them completely wrong — the laws of your own religion, laws that you want the rest of us to follow, too!) What about the others? What do the other laws say?

One says, “I am the Lord thy God who brought you out of the land of Egypt.” Well, I’ve never been to Egypt. None of my ancestors (or anybody else’s ancestors, for that matter) can be shown to have participated in the alleged Exodus. As far as the historians that I’ve studied can tell, the whole thing is just a story, a metaphor. When people proclaim this tale to be historical fact, it stops being a metaphor or a learning tool and instead becomes a bald-faced lie.

Another says, “Thou shalt have no other gods but me.” This includes Allah, Quetzacoatl, Jesus — all of them. Anybody who thinks they worship any purported god other than Yahweh the Volcano God are forked, according to this. The law continues, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image of anything that is in the Earth, above the Earth, or under the Earth.”

Er, “under the Earth?” Where is that!? The Earth is a globe! There is no “under” when dealing with a globe! Oh, yeah! The author(s) of this text were convinced that the Earth was flat, with a lid (“firmament”) covering it.

Yet another says, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” And yet the text does not even give us His name! The Hebrews, in fact, were so afraid of breaking this silly Commandment that sometime during the tenth century CE, they woke up to the realization that they had forgotten the name of their own god!!


Now that nobody knows His name, what use is this Commandment? Nobody can knowingly break it? Hey, what if the name of the ancient Hebrews’ tribal deity just happens to be “Microsoft” or “Mickey Mouse”? You can’t demonstrate to me that it isn’t! Are they going to come stone me for the article I wrote last week because of the colorful adjective that I used to describe a certain software company?

Still another says, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” However, the Bible itself cannot keep straight why it is that we are supposed to do this. One passage, Exodus 20, it explains that we must do this because


in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.


Well, we know this is not true, because we know that the Earth coalesced from at least second- if not third-generation stardust 4.5 billion years ago, long after the first stars coalesced from hydrogen. Ah, but that’s beside the point, because in Deutronomy 5, it says that we must do this because we are to


remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.


But most importantly, everybody is listed as being allowed to partake of this day except the wife. Why is it that the wife is not allowed to participate in this day of rest and holiness? Why!?

Could it be that the poor woman menstruates? Could it be that according to Hebrew law, her menstruation makes her “unclean”? This would often be happening during the day when the others are celebrating their own God-given holiness? Could it be that even the Sabbath cannot make the poor woman Holy? After all, the Sabbath was made for man — or so I was told!


Anyway, to deny these commandments is to deny good morality, it is to be a heathen and an Atheist. I knew two and have heard of many others that proclaimed atheism until they begged GOD for mercy on their death bed.

I come from a long line of atheists, and nobody in our family ever did this. I doubt anybody ever will. Real atheists never do this, because you have to be a believer to “beg” to a god! And “for mercy” of all things!!

And what kind of “god” is this to whom people would want to “beg for mercy” simply for proclaiming what their minds and senses indicated to them is true?

Could the ravages of mortal illness and the prospects of death, combined with childhood indoctrination at the hands of evangelists just might affect the mind of somebody who otherwise would never think this way? Frankly, the Christian religion is so utterly brutal upon the minds of children and the elderly, bringing in “priests” as somebody lays a-dying just to trigger a lifetime of brainwashed-in guilt trips built by a lifetime of brainwashed-in faulty logic and fostered by a lifetime of brainwashed-in lies!


Besides, where, in Hebrew Scripture (the only place where the Ten Commandments can be found) is the concept of Christian Hell taught?

Answer: Nowhere!

Cliff Walker
Positive Atheism Magazine
Eight years of service to people
    with no reason to believe