How Can You
Have a Website
About Nothing?
Andrea Blackwell

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From: "Positive Atheism"
To: "Andrea Blackwell"
Subject: I have a question for you
Date: August 24, 2004

You might want to ask somebody who has such a thing. They'd probably just love to help you in your quest for an answer to this most unusual question.

We're not saying that the idea itself is farfetched: we've seen some rather nothing web sites out there! All we're saying is that we're quite puzzled, frankly, that you (or anyone) would worry about such things! There is, after all, the "Back" button -- back to Google, or from whence ever you got here! We're particularly concerned that you would think that we, of all people, share your concern!

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A reader needn't spend much time at all on our web site before she or he would notice that we are among the more glaring examples of the John Stewart Mill school of "mind-your-own-business" libertarianism (small-"ell" variety). We'd hope that most readers are likewise surprised that somebody thinks this subject even approaches our area of expertise!

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Many web sites are like this, however. For example, a large number of web sites try to persuade their readers to believe that there exists this thing called a "God." Never mind that they cannot even describe this Puppy for us, much less demonstrate to us that it exists! But they nonetheless insist that we go along with them regarding this thing's alleged existence!

[He rolls his eyes, then, slouching shoulders and looking toward the ground, shakes his head. He then moves his mouth in way reminiscent of using the teeth to locate a familiar bump or wart on the tongue.]

Hoo, boy! Talk about having a web site about nothing! These people want me to think that nothing is something! Hah!

Had such people been satisfied to mind their own business, I would be putting my time to much more productive use, maybe finding a pill that cures alcoholism or something. But because so many of these people want to thoroughly disrupt the lives of we who just don't see eye-to-eye with the "God"-believers, I have felt compelled to dedicate my life toward finding a way to reduce or eliminate this antiatheistic bigotry that is so widespread in the country where I live.

Bigots of this variety can be very subtle, too, often going so far as to accuse me of doing nothing or "believing in nothing," etc!

At all times, however, they discredit us for wanting to be left alone by the "God"-believers -- as if demanding to be left alone by the likes of me!! Imagine someone becoming one of the several hundred who will write to an atheistic web site with similar sentiments, who has yet to see a web site featuring a letter from me!!

Have a nice life, okay?

Cliff Walker
"Positive Atheism" Magazine
Entering our 10th year of service
    to people with no reason to believe

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