An Accidental Find

‘Ten Commandments’
plus ‘I’m Feeling Lucky!’
equals PAM!!


From: “Silvia”
To: “Positive Atheism”
Subject: An accidental find
Date: Friday, 3 December 2004

Hey, you guys rock!

I just typed “ten commandments” into Google and your site came out tops. I’m glad that it spared me looking at some biased zealot site. Good to know there’s something organized going on out there.

I’ve been an atheist practically since before I knew what I was doing, though I did go through the routine Roman Catholic instruction and ceremonies during childhood and adolescence under the none too strict ægis of parents and other grown-ups as far as religion was concerned. So it’s okay to have picked up an ethical thing or two while retaining my freedom.

Eventually I turned in a letter of resignation and was never bothered to reconsider. I am for goodness in its own right and always in the light of judiciousness and self-respect. To find ideas I had come by on my own and quite alone reflected on your website has given me great pleasure.

Best wishes,


From: “Positive Atheism”
To: “Silvia”
Subject: An accidental find
Date: December 18, 2004



Not that we’re not biased, of course, we’re just biased in the right direction, that’s all!

No wonder this humble file is outpacing the entire rest of the web site on our stats list!

Number One on Google!? as in “I’m Feeling Lucky!”? Whoa! Talk about an “accidental find”!

I’ve been scratching my head over this one for months! “Why is this thing so damn popular all of a sudden!?” Thanks for solving that real-life riddle!

By the way, we are Charter Googlers, here, having input every single file we had (at the time) before Google even announced their existence to the World. I hear that doesn’t account for anything, but even if it did, that wouldn’t be something they’d want many people to know!

Take care!

Cliff Walker
“Positive Atheism” Magazine
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   to people with no reason to believe