I See Things a Little Differently, Now

Mike Leech

From: “Mike Leech”
To: “Positive Atheism”
Date: May 25, 2007
Subject: I See Things a Little Differently, Now.

After reading Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Dawkins, working my way through Thomas Paine and a book called “Freethinkers” by Susan Jacoby. I still believe in God. But I respect you for your beliefs and all others who differ as well. I’m still figuring out the real “whole enchilada of life.” A lot of people can persuade. Although it’s one of the great and grand parts of the thinking that makes America great, but is now almost forgotten in an avalanche of people who think this is “one nation under God.” We seem to be experiencing a renaissance of atheism, not a twilight.

As someone who has survived a cult I know how people can be persuaded to believe all sorts of nonsense on very little evidence.

I’ve gone this far to be very very careful of what I believe and why. Frankly I hope for a personal God that listens to prayers for when life really goes wrong. Its hard to get excited about, “Good luck!” and “You’re on your own!” and “This is all there is!” Even if that’s true.

I commend you for the obvious hard work that you have put into your site. I like the Ingersoll stuff both here and on the other site, The Internet Infidels. I hear you’re making a comeback.

Best wishes,


Maybe its only what we create and do that has a genuine long lasting impact beyond our lives.