Atheist Centre 50+ Golden Jubilee (1940-1990)
International Conference on
"Future of Atheism -- Humanism"
Vijayawada, December 29-31, 1990
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Human Achievements
Patrick Masterson
from "Atheism and Alienation"

The affirmation of God is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy of human achievements. In its various historical expressions it speaks profoundly of man's appraisal of his own condition -- of his perfection and weakness, of his ideals and failures, of his hopes and fears. It symbolizes in a most striking fashion his endeavour to make sense both of his aspirations and of his limitations.

However, scarcely less remarkable an achievement is man's repudiation of this affirmation of God. Atheism in its various forms, no less than theism, is a most significant expression of man's representation of himself to himself. Indeed, in as much as it proposes itself as a post-theistic phenomenon; it professes to convey a more reflective and authentic image of man than that portrayed in any version of theism.