Atheist Centre 50+ Golden Jubilee (1940-1990)
International Conference on
"Future of Atheism -- Humanism"
Vijayawada, December 29-31, 1990
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A Letter to God
S.R. Garg

A Letter to God

My dear God, I ask you,
Simple questions, only a few.

      You are said to be every where,
      But your management is not fair.

Robberies, thefts, rape and abduction,
Cheating and looting, injustice, corruption.

      Slaughter and murder for sacrifice,
      You are witness to all this vice.

Carried on proudly in your name,
It is a matter of sorrow and shame.

      You throw the rain without plan,
      Floods and famines afflict the man.

You cannot defend any temple or church,
And leave your devotees in the lurch.

      During fanatical religious crusades,
      The Holy places are ruined by raids.

When any man is planning a crime,
He should be checked at that time.

      Why to give a chance for vice,
      Then to punish with some device.

People are punished for their deed,
Without giving any chance to plead.

      Punishment blind and unjustified,
      Is resented and sometimes defied.

As avtars are sent without intimation,
They have to face challenge & condemnation.

      To a certain region, they are confined,
      The world at large, they do not mind.

Why so many different religions grew,
One Religion and one Book could do.

      If all of them are true and right,
      Why then, for conversion they fight?

Heaven is blessed with streams of wine,
Sexy Nymphs, beautiful and fine.

      A pious noble and a virtuous man,
      Can't relish such a lusty plan.

Bhagawans and Gurus, under your name,
Befool the people and cunningly tame.

      These religious shops of different 'make',
      Are not known whether genuine or fake.

You are the product of imagination,
Without any logical confirmation.

      You are believed as mover, unmoved,
      Your existence has not been proved.

Let me know your whereabouts,
So that I may shed my doubts.

      If within a month, I do not hear,
      Your non-existence will be clear.

S.R. Garg