Atheist Centre 1940-1990 Golden Jubilee
International Conference Souvenir
Vijayawada, February 3, 4, and 5, 1990
[OCR, Tim Sullivan; HTML, editing, Cliff Walker]

Atheist Anthem
Chris Findlay

Atheist Anthem
Words by Chris Findlay, U.K.

Now from the night of ignorance freed,
Free from the rule of gods above,
We walk together in the light,
The light of reason, led by love;
The love that breaks through every chain,
Through fence and frontier that divide.
Old superstitions fall away
When love and truth alone do guide.

All creeds, all races, we respect;
To us every caste must equal be.
In atheism is our hope,
From gods and demons we live free.
In Vijayawada, here we stand
To celebrate with joy and glee
The centre Gora created here,
On this, its Golden Jubilee.