Lavanam's Truth Seeker letter
To my North American Friends:
Greetings, and hope you are doing fine
by Lavanam

It is more than two years since I have visited North America. In these two years much water has flowed under every bridge in the world. Many changes have taken place in every society. Whether these changes would lead us to a better future or a grim one, depends upon our own perceptions, as well as efforts - both individual and collective. Though the technological revolution has brought the world physically closer, politically, socially, culturally, and emotionally humanity as a whole is suffering from a loss of identity and is torn asunder with hatred and violence, maximizing the agony and suffering. The individual human is lost in the vast jungle of sectarian collectivism and exploitation.

So, it seems, it is time for everyone to promote mutual understanding, appreciation, and cooperation at every level with a sense of human responsibility. We have to rededicate ourselves and become more active. Instead of cursing the darkness let us light a candle.

Back at the Atheist Centre all the social work programs are going very well with the help and cooperation of all concerned. Last year, in November we organized an international conference on "Social Progress and Women" in connection with the 80th birth anniversary of Mrs. Saraswathi Gora (1912- ) and the 90th birth anniversary of Mr. Gora (1902-1975).

Since 1970 the Atheist Centre has been in touch with Humanist and Atheist groups in the former USSR and Soviet bloc. Gora visited the USSR in 1974 and I visited three times between 1981-83. These visits also helped Soviet humanists to join the mainstream of the international humanist movement. So, after the dissolution of the Soviet system, for the first time, an all-European Humanist Congress was held in Berlin, July 25-30 of this year. Straight from India I went there. It was a satisfying experience to meet like-minded people from the former warring blocs and trying to find the unity and vision and purpose and jointly plan for the future. I am also happy that it was decided to hold the next world Humanist Congress in New Delhi, India in the last week of December, 1995. On behalf of India I extended a hearty welcome.

After the Berlin Congress I visited Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and England visiting with humanists, atheists, social activists, and personal friends strengthening old contacts and promoting new ones.

Now, I am in North America until January 20, 1994. I very much wish to visit you personally. I am not sure whether this is possible. So I greet you, remembering our past association. While I am on the move you can always get my local contact phone number by calling George Willoughby. Please feel free to do so. I plan to come to Los Angeles and San Diego in early January. I will be in touch with you. I shall phone you on the 9th or 10th of November; by then I will have an idea of my visits. My wife told me that you rang her up and inquired about the earthquake. Thanks. Give my greetings to all our friends. I eagerly look forward to my visit with you and to talk about many matters.

Let me extend greetings from all members of the Atheist Centre and particularly my wife, Hemalata. Let us together join efforts to create a better future for all humankind.

Yours humanly,


Atheist Centre -- Benz Circle -- Vijayawada 520010 -- India -- Ph. +91 866 472330

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Volume 120 (1993), No. 6

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