A Conversation With Lavanam
by Jerry Billings

Lavanam is the son of an Indian Atheist leader and humanitarian named Gora. He recited some conversations Gora had with Mahatma Gandhi which went like this:

After my conversation with Lavanam, I did some reading on Mahatma Gandhi, whom I have come to believe is perhaps the greatest person, or at least, one of the two or three greatest persons for good in modern times. He was the father of non-violence and he exposed Martin Luther King to this concept. I have long respected Gandhi, but in a sort of passive way. I have learned more and more about him recently. For example, in the book, True Patriotism: Some Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi, you find this, "There is no God higher than truth." I have decided to adopt this as my tag line.

"There is no god higher than truth." I like it.

-- Jerry Billings