6 December 1996;
revised, 30 January 1997
revised, 7 September 1998

A Note on the Atheism in India section


I hope you enjoy reading this section as much as I enjoy putting it together. I met Lavanam a few years ago, and sincerely hope that he comes to Portland again soon. I called him in November, 1997, and told him about this work of putting his and Gora's writings on the Internet. He and the others were very enthuseiastic about this project, and within a few weeks I received a package of books about three inches thick from the Atheist Centre. I called again, when I left Center for Rational Though / United States Atheists, and he was pleased that this project is still in operation. He endorsed our use of "Positive Atheism as the name for the magazine, and agreed to send material and news from the struggle in India.

The task of scanning the original books, cleaning up the scanned graphics to be suitable for OCR software, checking the OCR output and, finally, and editing the spelling and grammar material, and posting it on the Web is very slow and tedious. If you like this page, please let me know by sending me an e-mail

If you have any material which covers current issues and news on atheim in India, feel free to submit it to this page. 

Here is a list of the material I received: 

I plan to continue working on the Atheist Centre Golden Jubilee Souviner very slowly. It was graciously scanned by charter CRT member Tim Sullivan, but needs lots of editing. I am currently finishing up Atheism Questions and Answers, and will then decide what to put up next. If you have any suggestions, or have any material to contribute, please let me know. As far as I can tell, this is the only page on the Internet which features the works of these important Atheists. 

Cliff Walker