President Clinton cops out:

White House Statement
Boosts Christian Belief
an open letter by Cliff Walker
(President Clinton's statement courtesy of American Atheists)

The following was sent to:

December 19th, 1996

Dear Mr. President:

I almost had to vomit when I read the following release from your office (below). Are you our President or did I vote for you to so you could exploit your office to be a Christian preacher?

No. My decision to vote for you was made entirely on your able handling of Minister Ron Kite's history-revisionist question to Robert Dole at the San Diego debate. Please re-read the transcript of that debate and remind yourself of the magnificent points you made.

Please also consider that many, many Americans have ancestors who were slaughtered and whose estates were confiscated because they refused to bow down to this imaginary "King of Kings" whose divinity you so boldly proclaim in your pronouncement.

It is in everyone's best interest to keep your personal religious beliefs to yourself when making official pronouncements while on the job.

The Christian churches still have the money that rightly belongs to me and others like me, and they can use that money to propagate their arrogant fantasies to those people gullible enough to listen. The Christian churches do not need the aid of the United States Government in order to do further damage to our culture.

Cliff Walker, editor
"The Critical Thinker"

Center for Rational Thought
415 SW 13th Avenue
Portland, Oregon, USA 97205
Dial-an-Atheist (503) 241-9268

The President's Statement:

Office of the Press Secretary
December 11, 1996

Warm greetings to everyone celebrating Christmas.

Each year during this blessed season, the world pauses to look back across the centuries to the birth of a Child. This Child was born to poor but loving parents in the small town of Bethlehem -- born into a world where few noticed His coming, except for some simple shepherds and a few wise men. He was the Son of God and the King of Kings, but He chose to come among us as servant and Savior.

Though two thousands years have passed since Jesus first walked the earth, much remains the same. Today's world is still caught up in the challenges and cares of everyday existence, and too often we crowd God into the background of our experience. Too often we still ignore His loving presence in our lives and the precious gifts of peace and hope that He so freely offers to us all. And today, as on that first Christmas morning, He still reveals Himself to the loving, the wise and the simple of heart.

As we gather with family and friends again this year to celebrate Christmas, let us welcome God wholeheartedly into our daily lives. Let us learn to recognize Him not only in the faces of our loved ones, but also in the faces of those who, Like Jesus, are familiar with poverty, hardship and rejection. And let us be inspired by His example to serve one another with generous hearts and open hands. In this way we will approach the dawn of a new century and a new millennium confident in God's abundant grace and strengthened by His timeless promise of salvation.

Hillary joins me in praying that the peace and joy of this holiday season will remain with you throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas, and God bless you.