Feeling cross from all that Easter hoopla?
by Cliff Walker

May, 1998

President Clinton instructs us to pray for the families of the Heaven's Gate members. The Republicans counter Clinton's instructions with even more adamant pronunciations about how good religion is for all of us. Christian worshipers in Rancho Santa Fe spend Easter "praying for the dead and concentrating on the message of eternal life" -- sensing no irony whatsoever.

Ted Turner sounds reasonable to some.

Meanwhile, Erika Ernst, 40, was still dead as her father and his family arrived from Canada to claim her body. Should anybody expect "God" to treat some of us more favorably than some say "He" did to Erika? Can one person or species be allowed to live more than one lifetime? If so, why? and how?

Do you sometimes feel as if you are living in a strange, unfamiliar world?

I do. Sometimes.

This is why I support the Center for Rational Thought. I put my money where my mouth is, and I put my mouth where my money is. I carry my ATHEIST MONEY Stamp ($10.00 postpaid) with me and I blot out the offensive "IN GOD WE TRUST" slogan on all the currency I spend.

Every dollar of it.

I also have a DARWIN Amphibian ($6.66 postpaid) pasted to my mailbox for all to see. There are many ways -- subtle and not so subtle -- to stand out as one who doesn't fall for the bizarre superstitious tales which overwhelm so many. The Center offers a few of these, and you are on your own to discover other ways.

If you want a DARWIN Amphibian or a Money Stamp (ATHEIST MONEY; SECULAR MONEY), send the amount indicated above to:

United States Atheists
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