New Magazine
Wins Internet Award
by Cliff Walker
editor of Positive Atheism

November, 1998

I'd been scurrying for the past several months to find a more reliable Internet server for the Critical Thinker Home Page, and finally got a tip from a client: Aracnet. I gave them a try and found them to be all they were cracked up to be.

Meanwhile, I severed my relationship with Center for Rational Thought / United States Atheists on October 4, 1998, over some issues related to dignity. I wasn't prepared for the secretive nature of the Center's decision-making process. The Internet site has always been mine and I had donated its use to support CRT/USA. So, with very little notice, I struck out on my own and quickly settled on Positive Atheism as a title I could be proud of.

I called Lavanam in Vijayawada, India, and asked him if he knew of any magazine called Positive Atheism. After all, the term is most widely associated with his father, Gora. I told him my ideas about Positive Atheism magazine and he seemed excited that someone would name a magazine in honor of his father. We agreed that the publication would not simply parrot Gora's ideas, but would be an exploration of atheistic history, ethics, and philosophy.

All this happened within a few weeks: the new Internet account; the new name; the new magazine, published on my own without any guidance, financial support, or name recognition to back me up in my efforts.

Four days after Wring up the new website, I got an e-mail announcing that the new page had won the prestigious DETOX award, as described by its creator, Dov Wisebrod:

DETOX, the religious recovery webzine, is a forum of scathing satire, do-it-yourself humor, annotated links and community. At its core is a very bold and unmistakably iconoclastic logo. Each month, the DETOX Award is given to web sites that demonstrate excellence in providing content that favors science, reason and humor over superstition, faith and dogma. "Positive Atheism" received the award for October. Created and regularly updated by Dov Wisebrod, DETOX is on the Internet at Alt Tag Gag

With all that excitement in just a few short days, I hope you enjoy the new Positive Atheism magazine. I intend to put it together with the same devotion to quality, as well as to atheistic issues, that has always marked my work.