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Cliff Walker is no longer affiliated with CRT. We don't even know if they still sell this item. If you wish to obtain one from them, you should contact them yourself.

This was written for Center for Rational Thought as a promotion for their sales of Darwin Amphibian stickers, and is posted as an example of Cliff Walker's earlier writing in this field.

Get a DARWIN Amphibian
Alt Tag Gag

These are the self-adhesive, metallic plastic amphibians with feet that we have seen on hundreds of cars, mailboxes, houses, boats, briefcases, picnic baskets, etc. (in some parts of the world, anyway). Now you can get one for yourself and support the Center for Rational Thought at the same time.

CRT is a non-profit organization. We sell these amphibians for $6.66 cash, check or money order in U.S. Dollars postpaid to you by first class mail (sorry, we cannot take credit cards). Outside the U.S., please add $2.50 for extra postage.

There is no sales tax in the State of Oregon.

Center for Rational Thought
6514 SE Foster Road
Portland, Oregon 97206

Interesting tidbits about
the DARWIN Amphibian:

The DARWIN Amphibian was originally intended as a send-up of the IXOYE or JESUS Fish which has decorated the cars of Christians and others for decades. The JESUS Fish swims to the left, unwittingly symbolizing (to many) that religion takes us backwards on the time line; the DARWIN Amphibian climbs to the right, symbolizing that evolution works progressively forward in time.

The DARWIN Amphibian is now vastly more popular in Portland, Oregon than are the JESUS or IXOYE Fish. Reports from many States indicate that much of America has yet to see a DARWIN Amphibian. (Let us know if yours will be the first on on your block!)

A few DARWINists have developed the custom of tooting out the letter "D" in Morse Code with their horn whenever they see a DAWRIN Amphibian on a fellow DARWINist's car. The letter "D" in Morse Code is "dah-dit-dit" -- or, a long, and two shorts.

A new bumper sticker has appeared in Christian book stores: It shows a smaller DARWIN Amphibian (still swimming, mind you) about to be devoured by a monster-sized JESUS Fish with a vicious, toothy grin. The slogan reads: "Survival of the Fittest!" -- unwittingly reinforcing several of the DARWINists points.